Mama Ana or Ana Banana has been in the wedding industry for 16 years. She started out as an associate at a local floral shop and now an expert in everything flowers-related. From stripping flowers to different techniques of caring for flowers, Ana is able to teach fundamental skills to new comers.

Ana is very hands-on with great speed and a lot of heart when arranging floral arrangements for any occasion. Her contagious laugh captures attention and hearts of those around her. Ana is a knowledgeable florist who also has an eye for draping and positioning props. She appreciates the end result after a hard day of work and to see what she was able to accomplish is what she enjoys most about working at KQ Corporation.

Charlie – 

Charlie is one of our coordinators famous for his interpersonal skills. With a fun, outgoing, and bubbly personality, he’s the life of any event. It’s exactly why you can find him singing or dancing his way through life. Charlie has broadened his resume through various professions such as food service, retail, and customer service. He’s an open-minded and detail-oriented individual who is bilingual and has great appreciation for performing arts and food.

When on the job, Charlie displays a level of enthusiasm and energy and you can’t help but get sucked into the fun and positive environment he creates. With each project that he encounters, he devotes himself 100% and works hard to achieve the client’s vision by executing plans carefully and accurately.

Esperanza – 

‘Espy’ is definitely the sweetheart of the team. She’s comparable to Santa’s little helper; she works to fulfill the tasks and ensure everything is done the way it’s asked. A FIDM graduate, Espy has an appreciation for different sense of styles and art. She worked as a visual stylist upon graduating before joining KQ.

Espy’s smile and friendly vibe alone makes you want to be around her. She’s determined to learn all areas of the business and she approaches challenges with a very positive attitude, which translates into her coordinating skills. Espy is a learner and a great listener; she also appreciates her family, friends and life itself.

Jayden –

When a passionate individual walks into a room, you can’t hear him. Why? Because he doesn’t speak out loud the vision and ideas; he investigates and observes his canvas to see how he can transform it efficiently, effectively and creatively all while captivating the vision and ambiance desired. He lets the work speak for itself.

To say that he’s hardworking is an understatement. To say that he’s a multi-talented, well rounded, and a passionate individual who will do whatever it takes to perform at his and his team’s best ability is a bit more accurate. Jayden has the talent and tools to create amazing designs and have a keen eye for tasteful decor. He studies his clients and have mastered the importance of incorporating elements that will enhance the client’s vision and will take it to another level of astonishing.

Jayden is unpredictable, but he never ceases to amaze his team with his incredible work ethics. As the head designer of KQ Elements, he displays a level of professionalism and teamwork that is not just admirable, it also encourages and motivates his team to always strive for excellence. His energy is lively and magnetic to everyone around him and although he’s achieved various kinds of events and weddings, he never settles for less. He pushes himself and manages to create new and innovative designs to push the limits of creativity and definition of beauty.

Jesse –

We consider Jesse Khen our “Heidi Klum” and “Nina Garcia” from Project Runway.  He is known for his determination and blunt honesty. His “black and white” take on the world has been added with some grey and color which brings forth great style of creativity that is crucial in times of spontaneity and complex events.

As the Executive Officer, Jesse is fully involved in all aspects of KQ, especially when it comes to event set up which has become his ultimate passion.

Jesse is an outstanding team lead who executes plans flawlessly and assists the team efficiently. He’s assertive and will dive right in to help his teammates where assistance is needed because his priorities are to make sure problems are solved and to deliver exceptional services and products for our clients. “I’m excited to take KQ Corporation beyond what we have ever imagined.”

Mercedes –

“Mercy” has been in the floral industry for 17 years. She’s a true expert when it comes to the fundamentals for floral arrangements, bouquets & boutonnieres.

Mercy is a walking floral magazine. She knows the seasonality and management of all types of flowers and how to perfectly align them based on clients’ occasions, expectations and goals. Mercy is a positive and inspiring individual who has overcome many obstacles in her life, yet she stays motivated and driven to take it upon herself to continue learning and growing. A mother of two and a grandmother to seven, she adores them all and enjoys spending time with them.

Tracy –

Tracy is the chameleon of the bunch. She is a free spirit who loves to experiment with her hair.  Don’t be shocked if you see her one week with curly blonde hair and the next week she’s rocking a blue and white updo.  An independent individual who has 3 boys that is as cute as buttons. While her kids are her most important priority, she also takes her responsibilities at work very seriously.  She’s precise and filled with energy, so when it comes to executing plans, Tracy is efficient and accurate.

Breaking down, setting up or making deliveries for events, Tracy does it all and is great at carrying out plans. Her training in all aspects of event planning and coordinating has elaborated into solid skills.

Tammy –

Tammy’s definitely a people person and would probably strike up a conversation with anyone. She enjoys the liveliness of being around different personalities and has an eagerness to learn and grow. Tammy’s attention to detail, professionalism, and organizational skills allow for the production of great results. Tammy is an individual who would ensure that her team and clients are taken care of. With wonderful work ethics as well as an honest, bubbly, and caring personality she plays a huge role in assisting with any given project and ensuring needs are met.

Ramon –

Ramon is one of the most organized, detailed- oriented and honest individual who loves his Modelo. The “ handy” man of the team who we can count on to accomplish any task with flying colors. Not only is he physically strong, he is also extremely quick on his feet and comes up with the most effective solution. His expertise in construction and his liking in hands on projects, allows us to achieve our client’s requests and vison.